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Sky Medical Tourism, Chennai is a professionally managed company with a good and balanced background based in Chennai, a preferred destination for Medical Tourism in India. We undertake to provide packages for medical treatment in India to patients in the other countries. We make arrangements with reputed hospitals in Chennai who are capable of providing treatment for a vast range of illnesses and surgery including cardiac, orthopedic, pediatrics and transplant.




We shall fix appointments with the Consultants and schedule your course of treatment in hospital, taking care of documentation with regard to medical check-up, Scanning, Surgery, etc. Follow-up consultation with the Doctors by e-mail on a regular basis as required or desired is also arranged properly. We make arrangements for travel and hotel booking in connection with your visit for the complete duration of your stay in India. We can organize for post operative recuperation in locations as desired by you. We will make all the efforts to make your stay in India, comfortable, economical and to your satisfaction.



People from world over visit India for their medical and relaxation needs. Most common treatments are heart surgery, knee transplant, cosmetic surgery and dental care, kidney transplant and so on. India is a favourable destination  because of it's infrastructure and technology which is at par with USA and Europe. India has some of the best hospitals and treatment centers in the world with the best facilities. It is also one of the most favourable tourist destinations in the world.



The number of people visiting India from world over for Medical Treatment is increasing continuously for the past few years. 

The most common treatments:

Bone Marrow Transplant

Cardiac Care

Dental Care

Eye Care

Gynecology & Obstetrics

Joint Replacement Surgery

Kidney Transplant





Booming Medical Tourism in India

10/10/2009 15:46
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10/10/2009 15:41
India is promoting the "high-tech healing" of its private healthcare sector as a tourist attraction. The government hopes to encourage a budding trade in medical tourism, selling foreigners the idea of travelling to India for low-cost but world-class medical treatment. Naresh Trehan, executive...



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Date: 07/04/2015

By: Kamarul

Subject: Back Pain

I am an orthopeadic patient with the General Hospital in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. I was advised by the doctors that I have degenerative problem at my L4 L5 section of my backbone. I have occasional numbness on both my soles, and tingling feeling above my angles. My back, especially on my right side gives me nagging pain, and I feel stiffness at the back on getting up after sleep. My right leg is 2 cm shorter in length to that of my left leg since birth. I am wearing insole and have increased the sole of my right shoe since 5 years ago. I feel the numbness on my soles specially when I walk and/or stand for sometime. Please advise me whether my problem could be treated without surgery, and if I need surgery to ractify my problem the risk involved and the percentage of success. What could be the estimate cost involved. Thank you.